How to get around Vanuatu

Vanuatu transport is diverse, to say the least. It takes all means of transport to get around this island nation. Most islands feature one or two airstrips, with Air Vanuatu servicing major destinations. There are also ferries and cargo boats to get between some of the islands, but with frequent stops and large distances to cover, this can take a while. If you’re sticking to the major islands then mini-bus or taxi is the best way of getting around Vanuatu, and you can also hire your own car on Efate and Espiritu Santo.

Vanuatu Public Transport

There is no official Vanuatu public transport system, with services instead provided by privately owned mini-bus. These buses also don't travel specific routes. Instead, passengers flag one down and tell them where they're going. If you're looking to use local transport, keep an eye out for a red B on the number plate.

Vanuatu Taxis

Vanuatu taxis are marked by a red T on the number plate. At Luganville and Port Vila, they're usually standard sedans. Once you leave the major townships, taxis take the form of rugged 4WDs, with open trays at the back. The taxi trip from Bauerfield airport to Port Vila has a set price, but elsewhere fares need to be negotiated before you set off.

Walking Vanuatu

When you're covering small distances or accessing remote areas in Vanuatu, walking is the best way to get around. Most day trips and tours incorporate at least an element of walking, while exploring and more remote regions may require a decent hike. Walking is also the opportunity to meet the friendly ni-Vanuatu and take in local sights.