Things to do in Vanuatu

Palm-fringed islands, rainforests, remote villages, and rumbling volcanoes make for a lengthy list of enticing things to do in Vanuatu. It’s the ultimate destination to sightsee, bask on beautiful beaches, and discover ancient traditions. From culture and arts to snorkelling, shopping and dining out, the activities in Vanuatu share the common thread of warm hospitality against a backdrop of sublime beauty.

Snorkelling and Diving in Vanuatu

The clear, calm waters make diving and snorkelling in Vanuatu one of the major reasons many people are drawn to this island nation. The region features natural coral reefs, temperate seas, and a bounty of wrecks waiting to be explored. Best of all, most are easily accessible from popular destinations like Efate, and Espiritu Santo.
Coral formations in Vanuatu

Sailing Vanuatu

Whether it's via a luxury vessel, charter yacht or one-day cruise, sailing Vanuatu is the opportunity to take in all the beauty of the islands from the vantage point of the sea. Discover remote beaches, hidden coves, and uninhabited islands. Vanuatu boasts a thriving sailing industry, with charter and cruise vessels available at Port Vila and Espiritu Santo.
Yachts moored off Iririki Island, Vanuatu

Vanuatu Hiking

Be sure to pack your walking shoes, because Vanuatu hiking offers access to some of the region's hidden gems. Adventures to consider include exploring Mt Yasur volcano on Tanna and hiking into the jungle to experience traditional tribal life in Malekula. Alternatively, the less-visited Vanuatu volcano of Mt Marum also has guided tours.
Blue lagoon forest waterfall

Vanuatu Sightseeing

Vanuatu sightseeing is simply a feast for the eyes. This is a nation famed for its beauty, and that beauty is everywhere you go. From the milky blue waters of the Mele Cascades on Efate to remote beaches, jungle mists, and cultural highlights such as Ekasup Cultural Village and the National Museum of Vanuatu, there's no end of things to see here.
Port Olry beach on Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Vanuatu Cultural Centre

Established in 1955, the Vanuatu Cultural Centre documents the traditions, histories and lifestyle of the ni-Vanuatu people. The centre provides a fascinating insight into the village life, and tribal culture of the regions, with artefacts, hands-on displays, and images. From sand drawing to music, dance, and contemporary arts, this is the place to explore Vanuatu's indigenous culture and heritage, and is located in Port Vila.

National Museum of Vanuatu

Housed within the Cultural Centre in Port Vila is the National Museum of Vanuatu. Featuring ancient items used by the first people to arrive in the region 3000 years ago, the museum's exhibits also encompass the more contemporary history of Vanuatu. New displays include a World War II exhibition, information on the struggle for independence, and historical and modern art.

Matanawora WWII Relics

The bright and colourful Lakatoro Cultural Centre is located in Malekula Island's administrative centre. Although small, the centre offers an introduction to the mysterious culture of this island. In Malekula's rugged jungles, cannibalism lasted longer than anywhere else, and tribal living is still practiced. The Malekulans now proudly share their heritage, and you can gain an insight via the artefacts, cultural objects, and stories on display.