When is the best time to travel to Washington DC

The weather in Washington, DC plays a major role in determining the best time to visit as it varies greatly from season to season.  Summers are hot and humid. Enjoy lush green foliage in the parks and green spaces and a relaxed atmosphere throughout the city. Winters are considered mild, but they regularly bring a blanket of snow. In between, spring and autumn are crisp and pleasant, and they provide a spectacular display of natural beauty. The best time to travel to Washington, DC really is a personal choice, with each season offering a unique opportunity to discover the national capital in all its spectacular seasonal glory.

What is Summer like in Washington DC?

Summer sees Washington D.C. in holiday mode as Congress takes a break and families embrace their annual vacation. It's also when the Washington D.C. temperature hits daily averages of 27°C, with the break of an occasional storm. Appropriate clothing: Shorts and t-shirts for sightseeing, casual dress wear and light jumpers for the evening. Don't forget: Sun protection.

What is Autumn like in Washington DC?

The ‘fall' is one of the most spectacular times to visit Washington D.C. with the vibrant autumn leaves on full display. The weather is generally pleasant, with days being warm and dry, and the evening air having a slight chill. Appropriate clothing: Casual shirts, pants or skirts and something dressier for the evening. Don't forget: A lightweight jacket or scarf – the temperature can change quickly.

What is Winter like in Washington DC?

Washington D.C. takes on a magical stillness come winter. It's even more mystical when it snows. This means the temperature gets cold, with a January average of just 4°C. Appropriate clothing: Winter clothing, including heavy, warm jackets, gloves, and a scarf. Don't forget: Layer your outfit – while it's cold outside, the internal temperature of buildings is often quite warm.

What is Spring like in Washington DC?

From a cold, icy winter, Washington D.C. suddenly awakens into the full and spectacular bloom of spring. Days are generally cool and clear, but May brings the highest Washington D.C. rainfall of the year, so expect occasional but heavy rain showers. Appropriate clothing: Layered items including a coat – it can still get cold. Don't forget: An umbrella or raincoat for those occasional spring showers.