How to get around Washington DC

Getting around the US capital is designed to be easy and Washington, DC boasts one of the most functional transport systems in the world. The underground MetroRail allows you to quickly get from place to place, with the MetroBus then servicing any additional stops. If you’re looking to really explore the monuments and museums then walking is the best way to take in the full scope of your surroundings. The majority of the city’s most famous sights are all accessible on foot from the central point of the National Mall.

Washington D.C. Taxis

Washington D.C. taxis are plentiful, economical, and easy to find. In fact, the city boasts one of the highest citizen-to-taxi ratios in the world. All taxis use a meter system and accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash. To make it even easier, you can download an app to find and hire a taxi, and to estimate the fare.

Washington D.C. Public Transport

The underground MetroRail system is a highly efficient Washington D.C. public transport option. It services all major areas of the capital and stops within easy walking distances of monuments and museums that you're likely to visit. It's complemented by the equally functional MetroBus system, which provides easy transport to any areas not covered by rail.

Washington D.C. Bike Share

The Washington D.C. bike share initiative is a practical, swift, and innovative way to navigate the city. There are over 3,700 bicycles available from 440 easily accessible stations. To utilise the service you can purchase a single trip or short-term ticket, or take out a membership by signing up online or at a designated kiosk.

Walking Washington D.C.

Walking is one of the best ways of getting around Washington D.C. and gives you the opportunity to discover the city at a much more leisurely pace. Popular walking routes include the National Mall, Old Town Alexandria, and Arlington National Cemetery. Navigating the city while out on your wanderings is simple, as each of the streets are numbered running south to north and lettered when running east to west.