When is the best time to travel to Wellington

Weather in Wellington is very unpredictable due to its location at the southern tip of the North Island. However, as the locals say, “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day.” This is entirely true – on a beautiful, sunny day when the temperature is just right, Wellington is an incredible place to be. The only problem is you never know when one of those days will turn up or how many you might get during your stay!  Wellington has also been dubbed ‘The Windy City’ due to its frequent buffeting by winds blowing north from the Antarctic.

What is Summer like in Wellington?

Widely considered the best time to travel to Wellington, summer is the city's warmest and sunniest time of year on average. Well, it's ‘warm' for the locals, anyway! Visitors may be surprised to know that during summer in Wellington, a high of 19 or 20°C constitutes an especially warm day. This shouldn't deter you from hitting the beach though! Appropriate clothing: A bit of everything – warm and cold clothes. Don't forget: Sunscreen

What is Autumn like in Wellington?

Autumn generally sees the Wellington temperature begin its descent into colder territory, tumbling from 15°C at summer's end down to around 8 or 9°C prior to winter. Autumn is also generally the rainiest time of year, which means it's a great time to take advantage of Wellington's many museums and galleries. Appropriate clothing: Something warm and waterproof Don't forget: An umbrella

What is Winter like in Wellington?

Winter sees the temperature drop dramatically down to averages below 8°C. Positioned as it is between the North Island and South Island, Wellington tends to see a lot of Antarctic wind blowing in during this period, though the Wellington rainfall backs off. You may find this the perfect time to get a hike in while the rain recedes! Appropriate clothing: Warm clothing with multiple layers Don't forget: Clothes the wind can't cut through

What is Spring like in Wellington?

Of all the Wellington seasons, spring is the one that seems like a mixture of all the others. The temperature rises to about 15°C or so, the winter wind continues, but the autumn rains also return. This may sound like it could hamper your outdoor plans, but this isn't necessarily the case. Spring weather is unpredictable, so make the most of the sun while you can! Appropriate clothing: Warm clothes. Don't forget: An umbrella