How to get around Wellington

Arranging Wellington transport is fairly simple given its relatively small size compared to other world cities. Getting around still requires some planning, but most destinations in the city are easy to get to.  During your stay, you’ll have a solid network of trains, buses and ferries to help you get from A to B. Alternatively, you might like to hire a bicycle for navigating the city, or you may often find that where you want to go next is within easy walking distance anyway! After all, this is a stunning city to explore on foot.

Wellington taxis

Like every major city in the world, Wellington has its fair share of local taxis. Wellington taxis are the most direct way to get around if you're in a hurry or you'd prefer transport that's more private. Thankfully, because the city isn't very large, fares remain quite reasonable for most trips. Ride-sharing companies like Uber also operate in Wellington.

Wellington public transport

Getting around on Wellington public transport is easy. Grab yourself a Metlink card from your nearest convenience store and top it up with prepaid credit as you need to. Metlink cards give you access to the vast majority of public transport with one handy way to pay.

Walking Wellington

Given its smaller size, walking Wellington is one of the best ways to see the city up close and at your own pace. If you're looking to stay fit while on holiday, walking Wellington is one of the best ways to do so thanks to its hilly terrain – just remember to pack your best walking shoes!

Wellington bike hire

Jumping on a bike is another fantastic way to see Wellington at an unhurried pace. To use the Wellington bike hire service, just locate one of the city bike racks around the city, rent one of the bikes currently parked there, and ride to your destination. Helmets are included free – just drop yours off when you arrive at the next rack.