Piercing the Toronto skyline with its impressive spire, the CN Tower is easily the most defining feature in Ontario's provincial capital. Far more than simply a telecommunications tower, the CN Tower, located right in the heart of Downtown Toronto, is an iconic landmark celebrated across the Great White North.

At around 40 years young, the tower reaches an impressive 553.33 metres and has been declared an engineering Wonder of the Modern World. Building the CN Tower demanded 24-hour construction, but was well worth the 40-month effort.

The Canadian icon joins a suite of structures that have once held the title of World's Tallest Free-Standing Structure, and still holds sway as the world's third tallest tower and home to the world's highest wine cellar.

One of the defining features of the CN Tower is the EdgeWalk – the first of its kind in North America. Here, visitors can walk 'hands-free' on a glass ledge around the spire, 356 metres off the ground. Don't worry, the glass is perfectly safe: it's said to be able to hold the weight of 14 hippos!

While attached to a safety harness overhead, adventurous types can lean back over the Toronto cityscape to truly test their limits. The EdgeWalk closes for winter and costs $CAD195, including a keepsake video, photos, certificate of achievement and re-entry to the tower.

If you're not keen on braving the elements on the EdgeWalk, you can take in Toronto 's spectacular city views from the safety of the LookOut, Glass Floor and SkyPod on the Observation Levels.

The EdgeWalk actually takes place on the roof of the CN Tower's 360 Restaurant – an award-winning establishment and one of the best fine-dining experiences in town. Dining at 360 Restaurant also gives you complimentary access to the LookOut and Glass Floor decks.

Did you know? CN stands for Canadian National – the name of the railway company that built the tower in 1976. 

301 Front Street West, Toronto, ON
(416) 86-TOWER
General Admission: $CAD32 adults; $CAD23 children (online)
Observation Levels: 08:00–23:00
301 Front Street West, Toronto, ON