Noumea Market is open daily beside the marina at Port Moselle in five hexagonal pavillions topped with blue tiled roofs. It has a cheerful multi-cultural atmosphere and is a great place to wander and catch up with friends. Just about everyone in Noumea visits this market, not only to buy fresh produce but also to socialise together.

The market sells a wide range of New Caledonian arts and crafts, as well as fresh produce including flowers, fruit, vegies, bread, cakes, olives, meat and fish. You'll find some intriguing objects here and see some interesting characters. It's a great place to people watch. 

The freshest of fish

Fishermen anchor their boats right next to the market to unload their freshly caught fish. The captivating fish market, set away from the other buildings, sells seafood of all shapes and sizes – fish, lobsters, crabs, prawns and squid.

Luscious fruit and vegetables

Among the fruit and vegetables on sale, you'll come across bananas, sweet potatoes and custard apples as well as succulent passionfruits, pineapples and papaya. There are also gift wares scattered around the market such as trinkets and handmade jewellery.

A central cafe

At the heart of the market there's a cafe bar where you can sit and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere. On the weekends, you'll hear the sweet sounds of a group of local musicians playing ukuleles and other string instruments to keep shoppers entertained.

The market vendors take Australian dollars but you may get your change in New Caledonian Francs. It is good to have a basic command of French for interacting with them, especially if you want to barter for goods.

Visiting times

The Noumea market is held daily from 5am–noon, except on the third Monday of each month. It's best to visit early on the weekends, so that you’ll be sure to find what you need. If you arrive early you can also watch the fishermen unloading their fresh fish and admire the local women in their beautiful brightly coloured mission dresses doing their shopping.

Baie de la Moselle (near city center, in front of CineCity cinemas)
05:30am - 10:30am except third Monday of each month.
Baie de la Moselle (near city center, in front of CineCity cinemas)