When is the best time to travel to Belfast

While the weather in Belfast is the subject of much bemoaning among the locals, if you were to ask them when they thought was the best time to travel to Belfast, they’d probably suggest you visit during the summer. We tend to concur with this – Belfast in the summer brings comfortable temperatures, more daylight hours than any other time of year, and even a dip in the amount of rainfall.  This isn’t to suggest that there isn’t tremendous value in visiting Belfast during any other season. But if you’re unaccustomed to UK weather (almost the polar opposite of the Aussie climate), summer will deliver the least shock to your system.

What is Summer like in Belfast?

The clouds begin to clear, the Belfast temperature climbs into the high teens and low twenties, the fields seem greener than ever, and the local mood lifts. For those who love to get out and about while on holiday, tackling walking trails and hikes and exploring the city on foot, summer is the perfect time to visit Belfast. Appropriate clothing: Summer clothes, but with a light jumper or jacket Don't forget: Sunscreen

What is Autumn like in Belfast?

The average Belfast rainfall begins to rise once more and the temperature slowly dips toward the low teens by late October. Never is Ireland more beautiful than it is in autumn though. The typically vibrant green hillsides and woodlands give way to autumn oranges and browns as the trees prepare for the winter chill. It's dazzling – see it if you can. Appropriate clothing: Warm clothes, wet weather apparel Don't forget: Your umbrella

What is Winter like in Belfast?

If you want to hear some truly amazing Irish grumbling, get one of the locals started on how they feel about winter. Yes, it's the coldest, darkest and wettest of all the Belfast seasons, but it's also a very special time of year. Northern Ireland is a deeply religious country; to be in Belfast during the Christmas holidays is to experience a contemplative yet joyous atmosphere. Appropriate clothing: Long trousers, warm shirts, and jackets Don't forget: Your gumboots

What is Spring like in Belfast?

Another beautiful time of year in Ireland, spring sees the Emerald Isle's famous green landscapes come roaring back to life, filling the hills and farmland around Belfast with lush scenery. Spring also has the distinction of being the driest time of year in Northern Ireland, and sees the temperature steadily climbing back up to around 15°C by the time summer begins. Appropriate clothing: Layers, including a warm jacket Don't forget: Your hiking boots