How to get around Belfast

While not the largest city in the world, plenty of Belfast transport is still on hand to help you get from A to B that little bit faster. In a city built on industry, good transport infrastructure is important and Belfast exemplifies this with on-time public transport and minimal road traffic.  Whether you prefer taking taxis, relying on busses, hiring a bike or just walking the streets at your own leisure, you’ll be in your element here. There’s no wrong way to get around in Belfast.


Home to a surprising amount of cab companies, Belfast taxis are everywhere. The most direct way to arrive at your destination, taking a cab is perfect for those days when you end up running late for a tour. Taxis are generally more expensive than other modes of transport, but there are ride-sharing options available in Belfast too.

Public transport

Belfast public transport is one of the easiest methods of getting around Belfast. One of the first things you should do upon arriving in Belfast is pick yourself up an iLink card from your nearest convenience store. A prepaid transport card like the Opal or Myki cards we have in Australia, iLink will give you access to every train and bus in the city and will be particularly useful if you're staying in the city for a week or more.

Bike hire

Like many cities around the world, the city council has implemented a Belfast bike hire program to help visitors and locals get around efficiently and without a carbon footprint. You can sign up for BelfastBikes through the city's website, pay for your hire, pick up a bike at any of the racks around the city, and drop it off at a rack close to your destination.

On foot

Rain is a regular feature on the Emerald Isle throughout the year, but this doesn't mean you can't enjoy the city on your own two feet – just keep an umbrella on standby. What it does mean is that nobody appreciates a nice day like the Irish. Making the most of a nice day and walking Belfast is one of the best ways to see the city.