Take in all of the architectural wonders, ancient cities, enthralling landscapes and rich history that Eastern Europe and Russia have to offer. Dive into the crystal clear waters along the coast of Croatia, and discover the stunning ancient towns throughout the countryside. Explore the magnificent pieces of art and architecture found throughout Russia, journey to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary; home to intricately detailed churches and many of Europe's most fascinating castles.

Find peace on the riverside or be in awe at the natural landscapes as you unearth these countries.




Check out the oldest clock, the amazing historical buildings or check out the sunset in Vltava River. Prague is a must add to your bucket list! 


Train Journey

For a relaxing journey from one place to the next, choose a Train Journey. Explore the best of Eastern Europe as you cross rivers and pass through forests, enjoying the best scenery along the way. Stopping frequently, travelling on a train gives you the freedom of choice to sightsee at your own leisurely pace, while meeting many friendly locals and travellers alike.

Guided Adventure

Discover more of Eastern Europe and Russia stress-free on a Guided Adventure. Take your taste-buds on a trip of a lifetime uncovering new cuisines, give yourself something to dream about as you drive through the scenic countryside and enjoy authentic local experiences. With intimate groups and boutique hotel accommodation, you will not find an Eastern European adventure quite like this.

Cruise Voyage

For an unrivalled and personalised experience, why not unearth all that Eastern Europe and Russia has to offer on a Cruise Voyage. Whether you wish to island hop in Croatia on a unique itinerary, or slow your pace along the rivers on one-of-a-kind boutique ships, a cruise enables you to take in all of the sights and smells that these stunning countries have to offer.

About Croatia

Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik’s burnt orange roofs cloaking the coastline, marble streets and ancient stone walls make it a delightfully well-preserved old town. Get lost among the alleyways of Placa Stradun and relish the views as you walk across the city walls.

Split is a city with many architectural gems to explore. Spend a day at the beach, visit the Diocletian Palace or view the city from atop the Campanile Bell Tower. With a blend of tradition and exuberance, mixed with emerald green water, this city captures the true essence of Dalmatian life.

Beaches of sun-warmed pebbles and crystalline waters are what make the Adriatic Coastline such a welcoming sight. With shipwreck remains dating back thousands of years, you won’t want to forget to pack your underwater camera. Of course, life above the sea is just as much a paradise, with sailing boats cruising the coast as far as the eye can see.

A visit to Zagreb will give you a completely different vibe to this stunning country. The culture concealed in this vibrant city is something well-worth unveiling; with cafés, restaurants, museums and galleries on every corner.
Head to the rugged mountains & stunning waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park; a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, from kayaking and rafting to rock-climbing, hiking and more.

About Russia

With a population of over 10 million, Moscow is bound to overwhelm you, not only in size, but in culture and character as well. Visit the famous Red Square to bask in the incredible architecture, including the most colourful symbol of the square, St. Basil’s Cathedral. Here, you will also find the residence of the Russian president, The Kremlin; a fortress which has weathered centuries of Russian history. A trip to Moscow isn’t complete until you watch ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre, but if this is off the cards, a shot of vodka is sure to suffice!

If you are a fan of art and culture, visit the State Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, where 3 million pieces of art take you on a journey through the development of human civilisation. To unearth more cultural sights, visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral. It’s hard to decide what is more impressive: the Roman inspired exterior, the 360 degree views, or the intricate interior decorations.

Explore the thousand year old town, Uglich, and visit the beautiful Kremlin of Uglich, often referred to as the colourful wedding cake church. While it may not be edible, it is sure to satisfy your travel taste buds.

A journey to Kizhi Island will give you the opportunity to see some outstanding pieces of construction, including the magnificent Church of Transfiguration; built over 300 years ago without a single nail.

About Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary 

The Czech Republic, home to the well-preserved city of Prague, is filled with ancient architecture and historically significant places at every corner. Visit the Prague Castle, the largest in the world, with cathedrals, gardens and more hidden beneath the walls and panoramic views of the city. Don’t miss the fascinating visualisation of time that the Old Square Astronomical Clock Tower performs every hour or take a walk on the cobblestones of Charles Bridge and admire the 30 odd statues as you take in all that this city has to offer.

Unearth your adventurous side on your trip to Slovakia. Head to the Pieniny National Park, hidden among the Slovak mountains where you can do some mountain biking, white water rafting, lazy-river rafting or a simple hike. Known for its dramatic natural landscapes, home to over 6,000 awe-inspiring caves and the stunning Danube River, Slovakia is bound to be a travel experience like no other. However, no Eastern European country is complete without the Roman artefacts, cobbled streets and castles, all of which you can find in the beautiful city of Bratislava.

Discover the beautiful sceneries and rich history of Hungary. Splash around in the thermal waters in baths around Budapest, visit the Parliament building or soak in the sights from atop Saint Stephen’s Basilica. Relish in the tranquillity of Lake Balaton, cruise along the Danube river or taste the flavours of the valley as you hop from one of the 120 wineries to the next.