When is the best time to travel to New Caledonia

The best time to travel here is anytime, thanks to the fabulous weather in New Caledonia. The delightful semi-tropical climate means the islands are home to perfectly metered temperatures and lots of sunshine.  Every season is ideal for taking a dip in the crystalline waters of the ocean and lagoons, or doing a spot of sunbathing. New Caledonia guarantees blue skies, with only 20 days of overcast and rain on average for the entire calendar year. The territory also enjoys south-easterly breezes, sure to keep you cool and comfortable.

What is Summer like in New Caledonia?

New Caledonia's warmest months are best enjoyed at the beach. The average summer temperature is around 25°C, with humidity sitting around 77 per cent. Summer can also bring infrequent rainfall, with February typically being the hottest and wettest month on the calendar. Summer is also New Caledonia's most popular tourist season, so make sure to book ahead! Appropriate Clothing: Shorts, a t-shirt, and a hat. Don't Forget: An umbrella, just in case.

What is Autumn like in New Caledonia?

In autumn, the peak tourist season may be ending, but the weather is absolutely perfect. With the average autumn temperature sitting around 22°C and humidity of 75 per cent, this is a great time of year to visit the South Pacific. With the rain season over, visibility is at its best for diving and snorkelling. Local festivals and markets are in full swing too. Appropriate Clothing: Swimwear. Don't Forget: Leave some room in your luggage for market goodies.

What is Winter like in New Caledonia?

In New Caledonia, it's summer every day of the year! With the highest temperatures still sitting around 30°C and the lowest at 17°C, New Caledonia provides the perfect escape from the Australian cold snap. The sunshine hours are also at their highest, meaning you've got more daylight to enjoy than any other time of year. Appropriate Clothing: Light summer attire. Don't Forget: Something warmer for those cooler evenings by the ocean.

What is Spring like in New Caledonia?

The tropical beauty of New Caledonia is at its stunning peak during spring. The islands become a patchwork of breathtaking pacific flora, turning every beach, garden, and forest into a postcard-perfect sight. The days are warming up again with highs of 35°C, though the nights are even cooler, with lows of 13°C. Make sure to pack for all occasions. Appropriate Clothing: Something light for the daytime, something warm for the night. Don't Forget: Your camera.