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Top 10 Cruise Myths Debunked

Cruising myths are common and frequently embellished, but can deter first-time cruisers from packing their bags and sailing off into the sunset.

Like most myths, however, you will find there is always another side to the story, so don’t be put off by alarming claims as there’s usually not a skerrick of truth in them. Cruising is a fun, safe way to travel, with much of the hard work done for you. Book that cruise and discover first-hand that these myths need to be debunked.

Cruise Myths Debunked

1. I will put on five kilos a week – wrong. 

You don’t have to eat your way through every buffet and attend every chocolate extravaganza but you are on holiday and it’s great to taste test these treats. Work it off at the gym or on a vigorous shore excursion. Here are some tips to stay healthy at sea.

2. There’s nothing to do, I will get bored at sea – wrong.

There are so many activities available you can be on the go from dawn to midnight. Trivia quizzes, putting competitions, ping pong tournaments, dance sessions and art and craft classes, plus great entertainment and exciting ports, keep everyone entertained.

Onboard Casino

3. Seasickness is common – wrong.

Providing you don’t encounter a hurricane, few passengers experience seasickness these days due to sophisticated stabilisers attached to the hulls that steady the motion. If you are prone to seasickness consider booking mid-ship and get advice from the ship’s medical centre if you feel ill.

4. Cruising is expensive – wrong.

Sure if you head to the shops and buy expensive items, hit the casino and live at the spa all these costs will add up. But you have paid for the bulk of your holiday – accommodation, dining and entertainment – so monitor what you spend. Check onboard accounts daily to keep track.

5. You can’t escape the crowds – wrong.

Megaliners are built to cope with big numbers and there are lots of places to escape the crowds. Choose dining times outside the busiest hours and avoid the buffets. Some ships offer passes to quiet spa sanctuaries and many ships have adults only retreats. Consider smaller ships if it’s all too overwhelming.

Adults only sanctuaries

6. Safety is an issue – wrong.

These days cruise ships have heightened safety drills taken by highly trained staff. All passengers must attend a safety muster offered in all languages, to ensure you are familiar with life jackets and evacuation procedures. Staff attend rigorous safety drill simulations to ensure intensive training is maintained.

7. You have to dress up – wrong.

If you don’t want to frock up and bring out the bling there’s no need to, with plenty of casual dining options available as other options on formal nights. Some couples and families see the events as a great excuse to dress up and have formal portraits taken.

8. Ship excursions are the only option – wrong.

There are alternatives to expensive cruise excursions. Do your homework and book a local tour or hire a car with others and drive to attractions you want to see. Walk or catch local transport to see the sights but be mindful of your cruise departure times. 

Shore Excursions

9. You can’t keep in touch with home – wrong.

All ships have emergency numbers where you can be contacted at sea and phone and internet services are available, although costly. Take your phone or tablet and watch where ship staff pick up free wifi in ports, often shipside, so you can catch up on the news back home. Here's a guide to some of the cruise lines that offer internet access while at sea.

10. Cruises are only for older people – wrong.

Cruising is great for all ages but select the ship and cruise that best suits you. Longer cruises attract an older age group who can spend time away, while those with themed nights such as back to school parties and white night celebrations cater for partygoers. Family cruising is also big news.