Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Cruise

Undecided about cruising – but looking for a blissful, hassle-free holiday of a lifetime visiting places you’ve always dreamed about?

Cruising ticks all the boxes for comfort and convenience, combining lots of popular destinations. It connects all the dots so you don’t have to worry about how to get there, travel around and find accommodation – it’s all taken care of.

Just do your homework, find the right cruise for you and start packing – cruising caters for everyone, with plenty on offer for those who can’t sit still for five minutes to those who just want to laze on a sun lounge.


1. Avoid the stress of airports

Forget all that rushing to and from airports, lugging heavy bags, security hold-ups and plane delays – once on the ship it’s all plain sailing. Just open your curtains each morning and there’s a sparkling new destination at your doorstep. Your passport is usually checked once and then locked away.

2. Only unpack once

The good news is you only unpack once on a cruise and don’t have to think about squeezing it all back into your suitcase until the night before disembarking. There is usually a place for everything – nooks for books, a safe for valuables, and cupboards in the ensuite. Take some extra coat hangers if you have lots to hang up.

Unpack Once

3. Meet new people 

Cruising is a great way to meet new people – for a start you have cruising in common. It is easy to strike up a conversation with most people on a cruise even if it’s only to talk about the weather or the port. Singles are catered for too, with organised meetings and activities.

4. Visit multiple destinations

Always wanted to visit several countries in a short time? Country hopping is what cruising is all about and takes the hassle out of it. A cruise from Denmark return often stops in Norway and Sweden – so you can strike three countries off your bucket list on the same cruise.


5. Learn a new activity  

Want to try yoga or learn how to salsa – now is your chance. On a cruise there are often more than 40 activities on offer each day, with expert tuition available. Sign up for all those things you don’t have time to try at home. Activities vary from watercolour painting to how to write a novel.

6. Five star service 

Forget about going to the supermarket, cleaning and cooking – a cruise is all about taking a break from the mundane. There’s always a cabin steward to help you with those little things and laundry can be sent out and delivered the next day. Watch out for laundry packages that are usually good deals.

Five Star Service

7. Perfect for group travel 

Get your bridge club or art club together and book a cruise that is tailored to your interests. There are many cruises featuring varied themes including gardening, wellness, food and wine, golf, and finance and investments. Music cruises are big news, ranging from classical to country and western styles, and if you are after a chuckle, try a comedy cruise.

8. Cashless holiday 

Your holiday expenses are paid up front, or at least most of them. From the moment you step aboard it’s a cashless society and anything extra will be charged to your credit card. If you watch what you do and don’t splash out on that Rolex, extra charges can be minimal. Just take some cash for those souvenirs you can’t live without.

9. Peace of mind 

Medical assistance is just a phone call away and providing you take out reliable travel insurance, most costs should be covered. It’s reassuring for passengers that medical attention is quick to arrive in case of an emergency. Always take extra supplies of prescription medicines and a copy of your prescription.

10. Family friendly 

Looking for a holiday to please all the family? Cruises are perfect for multi-generational getaways catering for everyone from tots to teens to those of advancing years. Kids’ clubs, teen clubs and activities and events are tailored for different age groups covering many interests. Cruises also offer multiple dining options, from casual pizza cafes to formal dining where all the family can rendezvous.


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