Fiji travel guide

Fiji’s allure is as much about what’s going on below the water, as above. Snorkellers and divers are drawn to these 300-plus islands, for their magical coral reefs and crystal clear waters. Fiji also promises that quintessential South Pacific dream: swaying palm trees, wonderfully warm climate, perfect sandy beaches and welcoming, friendly people. There is much to discover here, and away from the beaches you’ll find lush hiking tracks as well as a fascinating local culture.  If you’re planning a visit, explore our Fiji travel guide and find out how to make the most of your time amongst these beautiful islands. We’ve collected the best tips from our travel experts, and have all sorts of suggestions for things to do, the best time to travel, where to stay, how to get around Fiji and more. We even have a handy guide to Fiji’s international airport.

Where to stay

Each island, village and city has its own unique charm and way of going about things – so you’ve got a tough choice to make when deciding where to stay in Fiji! Whether you’re in search of pure unadulterated luxury or a more stripped-back approach, you’re certain to find what you’re looking for on one of the 332 tropical islands. ...

Things to do

With so many things to do in Fiji, you’ll have to schedule time in your itinerary to take a break! Enjoy all things local. Suva’s coast is dotted with restaurants serving traditional Fijian cuisine that is brimming with fresh seafood and tropical colour. Local markets, such as the Curio and Handicraft Market in Suva, offer handcrafted art and one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Stunning beaches circling the island are a place for both relaxation and adventure. Wherever you find yourself, Fiji offers up something unique and exciting.

Travel tips

While only about a four-hour flight from the east coast of Australia, this destination can feel like a completely different world – so you may need some Fiji travel tips to help you feel prepared. ...

Getting Around

Despite having over 300 islands to explore, getting around and navigating Fiji transport is surprisingly easy and affordable. A reliable network of buses and ferries service both Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Taxis are also common on the two main islands, and hiring a car is you best chance to travel further afield.  Chartering a boat or light plane not only provides the best transport out to the smaller, uninhabited islands, but it also presents you with magnificent views. Explore a country brimming with natural beauty on every island.

Where to eat

Get a taste of paradise with Fiji food and drink. Traditional flavours and ingredients entice and delight, while cultural influences from China, India, and Europe add another dimension to the dining landscape. Wander the bay of Suva and you’re sure to find something that entices you among the large collection of restaurants....


Fiji shopping is an adventure all of its own. Wander through bustling marketplaces filled to the brim with all sorts of handmade curios and traditional wood-carved goods. Traditional baskets, purses, and pottery items are charming representations of the native culture. Fiji’s markets are the perfect places to treat yourself and grab something for friends back home. Don’t miss the Suva Flea Market for some truly unique finds....

Best time to travel

The weather in Fiji creates a tropical climate year-round. The mild trade winds of the South Pacific will keep you comfortable and cool you down. Most months the temperature will get up to around 30°C, making for warm days and pleasant nights. The ocean waters are the perfect temperature to be enjoyed no matter what time of year – swimming, snorkelling, and surfing aren’t just seasonal activities in Fiji.  The wet seasons are torrential, but from the comfort of a hotel room, restaurant or bar, it really doesn’t matter. Fiji is a place for fun no matter what the weather.


A vast collection of Fiji beaches and tropical islands are yours to explore and enjoy when you holiday here. Simply take your pick.  From Castaway Island to the Coral Coast, Fiji makes it easy to find a slice of serenity. Experience complete tranquillity from sunrise to sunset on your very own secluded stretch of sand. Pristine ocean waters, warm white sands, and swaying coconut trees make Fiji the ultimate island getaway.  When you’re not relaxing in or by the water, soak in the rich village atmosphere of the main islands and discover why the locals are always smiling.