When is the best time to travel to Fiji

The weather in Fiji creates a tropical climate year-round. The mild trade winds of the South Pacific will keep you comfortable and cool you down. Most months the temperature will get up to around 30°C, making for warm days and pleasant nights. The ocean waters are the perfect temperature to be enjoyed no matter what time of year – swimming, snorkelling, and surfing aren’t just seasonal activities in Fiji.  The wet seasons are torrential, but from the comfort of a hotel room, restaurant or bar, it really doesn’t matter. Fiji is a place for fun no matter what the weather.

What is Summer like in Fiji?

Summer in Fiji is all about the beach! With temperatures known to spike around the mid-30s, the water is the place to be. With ocean temperatures sitting around 27°C, taking a dip is always going to be a pleasant experience. The average rainfall is also at its peak in summer, however, so watch the forecasts closely. Appropriate Clothing: Shorts, t-shirt, and a hat. Don't Forget: Your umbrella.
Warm water and the possibility of an afternoon storm is summertime in Fiji.

What is Autumn like in Fiji?

With the vacation season waning and rainfall on the decline, autumn is the perfect time to pack your bags. With the drop in rainfall, ocean visibility is perfect for snorkelling and diving. Explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life of all shapes and sizes. Autumn is a great time to be outdoors. Appropriate Clothing: Swimwear. Don't Forget: An underwater camera if you have one.
The waters of Fiji are at their clearest in autumn.

What is Winter like in Fiji?

A winter in Fiji is not what you might consider typical. With a maximum average still pushing the high 20s, the days are not at all a chilly affair. At nights, the south-easterly winds can cool proceedings down slightly, so enjoying the finest in warm Fijian cuisine is a favourable activity. Also, if there's ever a perfect time to enjoy a spicy kava, it's during a Fijian winter. Appropriate Clothing: Light and comfortable outfits. Don't Forget: Something warm to combat the cool evening breeze.
Winter in Fiji is sarong weather... not much like winter at all.

What is Spring like in Fiji?

The tropical wonderlands of Fiji are truly resplendent in spring. Exotic flora is in full bloom and the dry season is approaching. Warmer temperatures are best combated by getting off the beaten track. Spring is the best time of year to trek through the myriad Fijian rainforests. Hiring a bike is also a great way to get around as the weather warms up – just make sure you're heading towards the markets for a fresh juice. Appropriate Clothing: Something comfortable and breezy. Don't Forget: Hiking shoes.
Exploring the tropical interior of Fiji is perfect during spring.