Where to Stay in Fiji

Each island, village and city has its own unique charm and way of going about things – so you’ve got a tough choice to make when deciding where to stay in Fiji! Whether you’re in search of pure unadulterated luxury or a more stripped-back approach, you’re certain to find what you’re looking for on one of the 332 tropical islands.  Popular tourist spots on the two main islands are perfect if you're after resort living, boutique shopping, and beachside bars and clubs. In the surrounding villages, life is much simpler, and things run at a local pace. Some smaller islands are like a world all of their own, with no shops and resorts to be found.


The private resort island of Denarau is a tiny dot of tropical splendour just west of Viti Levu. World-class hotel chains like Hilton, Sheraton, and Sofitel are just some of your options for luxury accommodation. The marina is a hive of activity by the ocean, and the 18-hole golf course is a sight to behold – even if you haven't played a game in your life!
Enjoy the Fijian sunset every evening as you relax at your Denarau Island resort.

Coral Coast

This 80km stretch of splendid beaches and bays is an oasis of fine-dining and majestic coral reefs. Just a short paddle from the white sands, the gigantic reef is a wonderland of colour and life. This is a great spot for snorkellers and divers of all skill levels, and you're guaranteed to see something exotic and unforgettable.
Stay on the Coral Coast and get to know paradise.

Mamanuca Islands

The volcanic archipelago of Mamanuca is a barefoot paradise with 20 palm-fringed islands home to some of Fiji's most exclusive resorts. The waters are clear, and the secluded atmosphere is rather romantic. Weigh anchor just outside the untouched reefs and enjoy the serenity, or sail from island to island. Your days are sure to be filled with adventure here.
The Mamanuca Islands of Fiji offer a relaxed, private holiday.

Taveuni Island

Known locally as the garden island, Taveuni is a nursery of native plants and wildlife. Hiking trails plunge deep into the dense rainforests that cloak the island. Explore a world of breathtaking beauty and majestic wonder. While hotels and accommodation are available, beachside camping is the perfect way to get among the natural majesty that Taveuni possesses.
Lush Taveuni is just as renowned for its waterfalls as it is for its beaches.

Yasawa Islands

Towering out from the waters of the South Pacific, the Yasawa Islands are a splash of marvellous green against the waves of blue. On these islands you can escape from the trappings of modern life. There are no shops or banks, and the accommodation is back to basics. With gorgeous beaches and perfect weather, who needs five-star luxury when there's a hammock strung between two palm trees?
Enjoy the luxury of simple accommodation on the Yasawa Islands, Fiji.

Kadavu Island

Home to only one town and a few dirt roads, Kadavu is a great place to experience true Fijian culture. Eat as the locals do, with fresh seafood and tropical fruit and vegetables in plentiful supply. Cast a line at all the best native haunts and reel in something delicious. Only accessible by boat, Kadavu is a great place to escape to true tropical bliss.
The impressive coral reef off Kadavu Island, Fiji.