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Published 17 February 2022


If you’re after a tropical escape, how about jumping on a flight and saying ‘Bula’ to Fiji! Located in the South Pacific it is truly an unforgettable experience. Fiji is known for its unique culture, plenty of sunshine and beautiful beaches! If that sounds like a bit of you, carry on reading and let’s plan your essential things to pack for Fiji (including rules around taking food to Fiji).

What Is the Weather Like in Fiji?

Beautiful Tropical weather in Fiji kayaking
Beautiful tropical weather in Fiji. Image credit: Getty Images

If you’re timing your future Fiji vacation to match the sunshine you won’t have to try hard. Fiji is the gift that just keeps on giving and warm weather along with crystal clear water are never too far away!

The year is split into two halves, those being the wet and dry seasons. For a more detailed overview of what climate to expect in Fiji, read our blog about the best times to visit Fiji.

The wet season, lasting from November to April is characterised as ‘Fiji’s summer’. It brings with it some of Fiji’s hottest days of the year. But also due to the tropical climate, it is not surprising to get short intense bursts of rain. Don’t let this put you off though! The water stays warm and can sometimes reach up to 30 degrees!

In comparison, the dry season runs from April through to October. It is characterised by a lack of rain, shorter days and cooler weather. But don’t be afraid, the temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees. Now you can see why Fiji delivers the goods weather-wise, all year round.

Lounging in the Sun on a hammock
Lounging in the hot Fiji sun! Image credit: Getty Images

So with this in mind, you can easily plan your attire for Fiji. Think beach shorts, short-sleeved shirts, and nothing too warm - you likely won’t be getting cold in this island paradise after all!

Don’t forget a smart-casual outfit for when you’re going out for dinner, Fiji has so many amazing restaurants to discover and it’s always nice to have something nice to wear when you’re not going to be lounging by the water.

Just note that outside of tourist areas, dress standards are more conservative. Take care not to offend when you visit local villages or churches, in these places you will be expected to wear shorts or sulus (a traditional Fiji garment) that cover your knees, and for women to cover their shoulders. Also, in these areas sunglasses and hats should be removed as the top of the head is considered sacred - only the local chief will have the right to wear something in this manner. 

Now you know what roughly to expect in Fiji as far as the weather goes and have a good idea of what you will be wearing. How about some advice on what other items to pack? 

What Luggage Should I Bring to Fiji?

Essential items to pack for Fiji
Make sure you bring the essentials when you pack for Fiji! Image Credit: Getty Images

Before you start creating your Fiji vacation checklist you should first confirm some of those pesky travel details. How many people are going to come with you? Is there a stopover before your destination? How many bags will you be bringing?

Once you know the answers to all these questions you can start planning on what to pack for Fiji and how much you will have to pack. Just be sure to leave room in your suitcase so you can bring back some Fijian souvenirs!

Some of the small things that are easy to forget are items such as sunscreen, insect repellent, jandals and a sunhat. You’re going to make sure you have all these things sorted before you embark on your journey, that way you don’t have to waste your precious vacation time doing a mercy dash to the convenience store!

Hey…speaking of embarkment, we haven’t asked…have you sorted out your tickets yet? If you still need to get those sorted, check out some of the cheap flights we have on offer to Fiji right now!

For some more essential items that might not immediately spring to mind as something to add to your Fiji packing list check out some of our special inclusions below.

Ten Essential Things to Pack for Fiji: Checklist

1. Waterproof Bag

You can’t say you have been to Fiji without making a splash in the water! Whether it’s drinking a cocktail by the pool, or out on a boat jetting across the ocean, you are going to want to keep your belongings safe.

Bring a waterproof bag and feel secure knowing your clothes will be dry and your phone will still work at the end of your water adventures!

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones

If lounging out under the sun at one of Fiji’s many resorts sounds appealing, do it in style and don’t allow yourself to get distracted by all the fuss going on around you.

Noise cancelling headphones are great for laying back and relaxing, early morning walks to the beach or just a good way to pass the time and listen to some groovy tunes.

Also, if you find on the flight back you are in an aisle next to a screaming baby or a snorer - you know what to do!

Girl with noise cancelling headphone on sunlounger
Make sure you pack your noise cancelling headphones. Image credit: Getty Images

3. Portable Charger (Powerbank)

Save yourself from running back and forth to your room making sure your phone stays alive and instead bring a portable charger!

With most brands holding a charge that can keep your phone working for up to 24 hours the worries of constantly checking your battery are no more.

And now with this essential in your hands, you can make sure your phone is always ready to take that dream picture.

4. Book/Kindle

Make sure you bring that book that you’ve been trying to find time for (or pre-download some podcasts that you’re interested in if that’s more your style).

There’s no better way to get you in holiday mode than being poolside with food, drink, and some light entertainment.

Reading book on beach
Pack a good book to read on the beach. Image credit: Getty Images

5. Outdoor Wear

Fiji is home to many thrilling activities that will offer you memories to last a lifetime. But remember to enjoy some of these, you have to be prepared! Make sure to pack some quality outdoor clothing so you can experience the great outdoors in style.

If you're looking for an unforgettable adventure, consider a exhilarating quad biking experience with Go Dirty Tours. This thrilling activity takes you off the beaten path and into the heart of Fiji's stunning natural beauty, from exploring rugged terrain to cruising along the coastline this is one ride you won't forget and will be a highlight of your trip!

6. Snorkel Gear

Most resorts will be able to provide you with this, but if you prefer to use your own make sure you don’t forget it!

Fiji is called the ‘soft coral capital of the world’, with a reputation like that you know diving below the water and witnessing the incredible marine life is something you don’t want to miss.

Snorkelling in Fiji
Snorkelling in Fiji. Image Credit: Fiji Tourism

7. Reef Shoes

Make sure if you are going to venture out snorkelling or into the water you bring a good pair of reef shoes!

Parts of the reef can contain sharp pieces of fauna such as fire coral that will cause nasty injuries on your feet if you aren’t careful.

8. Sunscreen / after sun gel

As we said earlier Fiji loves to shower its people in sunny tropical weather. So don’t let an annoying sunburn ruin your precious vacation time and have you feeling miserable.

We recommend taking one with a strong SPF protection level. Consumer New Zealand did a test of all available sunscreens in 2021 and recommended brands such as UV Guard Max, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Lotion and Skinnies Sungel.

And if you do get sunburnt (or miss a spot!), make sure you pack some aloe vera after sun gel too! 

Applying sunscreen to face
Don't forget to pack your sunscreen! Image credit: Getty Images

9. Sunhat and Sunglasses

Keeping in theme with protecting yourself from the pesky sun. Make sure you bring a sunhat and a quality pair of sunglasses.

Ideally a pair that can block as much of the sun’s harmful rays as possible.

10. If you do bring food…What food can you take to Fiji? 

While not recommended due to most food items being prohibited to bring into Fiji, if you are trying to bring an item on the small list of acceptable goods (some snack foods, packaged meals, baby formula) remember to declare, declare, declare! That way when you arrive at the airport if in doubt you will have a better chance of avoiding a fine. 

ALL food items must be declared on arrival just the same as we do in New Zealand.

What foods can you not take to Fiji? 
Most fresh food items are not allowed into Fiji unless you have an import permit, these include:

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products
  • Dried mushrooms & fungi
  • Honey and honey products
  • Seeds for human consumption and processing into food
  • Nuts, spices, herbs and un-popped popcorn
  • Dried, cooked or preserved fruit and vegetables
  • Fresh fruit or vegetables

Certain animal products like dairy, meat, butter, chocolates, mayonnaise and cheese are allowed from New Zealand HOWEVER there are strict rules to follow. You must have the receipt from the shop you bought it from in New Zealand, the items must be for personal consumption only (not commercial), there is a quantity limit of 10kg maximum (total of all products) and you must get an import permit.

Just note that rules sometimes change so make sure you check the Biosecurity Authority Fiji website for up to date details.

Are you allowed to bring baby food to Fiji? 

You can bring infant formula, it just needs to be accompanying a child - so for example adults travelling to Fiji without kids would not be allowed to bring in infant formula. 

Watching the sunset over the water at Denarau Island
Watch the sunset over the water at Denarau Island. Image Credit: Getty Images

Well, we hope after reading this you have a better idea of what to put on your Fiji checklist. If you still haven’t sorted out that ticket yet, move one step closer to this tropical retreat by booking your Fiji holiday today!

And for more inspiration on what a 7-day Fiji itinerary looks like, make sure you check out our blog on planning a relaxing week in Fiji.

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