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The multifaceted Asia is a sensory excursion. There are more people living in Asia than anywhere else, creating a melting pot of unfathomable proportions.

What to know before you fly to Asia?

Mount Everest is at the top of the world, Mumbai defies description, the tourist-scorched beaches of Bali are ever-popular and the slamming of East and West in Shanghai produces a buzz unlike any other. Asia is an onslaught to the senses.

Asia: Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Beyond the delights of the food and eclectic, cosmopolitan cities, you can find a myriad of ancient wonders and sacred places here. The Great Wall of China, monasteries of Tibet, temples of Angkor and Shinto shrines across Japan offer something more than trinkets and talismans. If you're searching for the mystic, spiritual and encounters of faith, come to Asia. Here the gods roam among the people and life holds many different meanings.

Asia: Rice Fields

Vietnamese Rice Fields

Asia's geographic spread means it also dishes up a land and seascape feast. You can find dense equatorial jungle, volcanic islands, sweeping tundra and vast mountain ranges and desert here. The traditional practices of people inhabiting these diverse ecosystems still flourish – it's quite something to immerse yourself in them.

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