Repositioning cruises are offered at discounted prices when cruise lines relocate ships to a different region at the start or end of cruise seasons. While these aren't the 'official' journey routes, the on-board entertainment and facilities are the same.

A repositioning cruise docks regularly at many different ports. It's also important to remember that repositioning cruises conclude in a different port as the one you board at. Therefore, two one-way airfares are required or alternatively choose a repositioning cruise package that includes airfares.


  • Value – repositioning cruises can be excellent value as cruise lines are keen to fill their ships on these necessary journeys.
  • Start and end your voyage on different ports giving you the option of planning your own unique land based holidays at each end of the cruise.
  • Travel during shoulder seasons which are much quieter than peak season.
  • Long stretches at sea – perfect if you love onboard life
  • Transoceanic crossings


Repositioning Cruise Itineraries


The seasons define the dates for repositioning cruises. Ships which have toured the Caribbean from October to March head north to the Mediterranean and other European destinations in late March or April. September and October, sees a number of repositioning cruises through the Panama Canal, Suez Canal from Europe to the Caribbean, throughout Asia, and from Canada to North America. If you want to include a specific destination on a repositioning cruise, check the regions with defined cruising seasons, because the cruise liners will need to reposition at the start and end of these.

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