Cheap Flights to Niue

Niue is a treasure chest of beauty, gems and memories to be made. Discover unspoilt wonderlands, where there’s something for everyone: snorkelling in rock pools, exploring caves and more.

What to know before you fly to Niue?

Niue is an island situated in the South Pacific Ocean within a triangle of Polynesian islands; west of the Cook Islands. It is 2400kms away from New Zealand and Niue flights from Auckland International Airport take around 3 hours 25 minutes.

The currency in Niue is NZD ($) and their local bank is the Niue Development Bank, which is co-located with Kiwibank, in Alofi.

There is a large variety of accommodation on the island catering to different needs. To find out more about the Niue accommodation options, enquire with one of our representatives.

Niue weather boasts an average water temperature of 23°c and the seasonal temperature variation has a range of only 2°c. One of the best times to go is during the dry season which falls between May to October with temperature from mid to late 20°c. From November to April is the wet season with temperature average 24°c.

The island is decadent with untouched landscapes and outlooks. The warm tropical waters are crystal clear all the time. Secret beaches await being found whilst coves, sprawling cliffs, warm-water rock pools and a truly dazzling system of caves work as one, like they’re creating a stage in which your holiday is the show.

Niue is the largest raised coal atoll in the world at 260 square km, four times the size of Rarotonga. There is a 64km road circling the island, connecting the vibrancy of the villages and the fewer than 1,500 locals together.

Niue has no traffic lights, no crowds and no queues. The pockets of nature’s jewels appear so untouched it’s as though you are the first to discover them. With the myriad of what to see and do, tourism is growing. Whether you’re solo and seeing the world; partners soaked in sun and romance; or part of a group, Niue is your holiday destination.

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