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Santiago is a gift that keeps on giving. Like any good capital city, it’s set in a stunning location, with the towering snow-capped Andes on one side and the Chilean Coastal Range on the other.

What to know before you fly to Santiago?

Nestled between the Andes Mountains in Chile's central valley rests the country's cosmopolitan capital, Santiago. Also known as the largest city in Chile, Santiago is one of Latin America's most metropolitan cities. Its population is diverse. Its buildings are modern. And while chain stores, speedy transport and shiny hotels have made their mark on the city, Santiago's past and lively culture stands strong and sets the city apart from the rest of the country.

Santiago: Cerro Santa Lucia

Cerro Santa Lucia

Originally occupied by the Spanish from the mid 1500s, Santiago gained independence in 1817 following The Battle of Chacabuco. Only a few buildings from the Spanish colonial period remain including the Casa Colorada and the Church of San Francisco. During the 19th century the city began developing universities and museums, honing in on its own culture and investing in parks and infrastructure. By the 1930s Santiago experienced a shift towards modernity, urban development boomed and shanty towns were replaced with new homes.

Santiago: Cable Cars, San Cristobal Hill

Cable Cars, San Cristobal Hill

While commerce and the economy continue to grow, it's Santiago's cultural scene that is now the subject of great passion and praise. Art galleries, music venues and the underground arts scene are changing Santiago's image as a city with great cultural capital. Locals, like most Latin American cities, have embraced soccer as more of a religion than a sport, while the city's innovative cafes and restaurants now hold their own on the world stage.

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