Accommodation in Singapore

Spoilt for choice in the city-state

Singapore is a relatively young nation; a fact reflected in the shimmering new steel skyscrapers rising up around the fringes of Marina Bay Sands on a regular basis. Singapore accommodation ranges from the cheap and cheerful hostels around Clarke Bay to the burgeoning boutique hotel scene flourishing around Chinatown and the old-world charm of the Colonial District.

A global financial hub, this upwardly mobile Asian Tiger offers plenty in the way of attractive business accommodation. Many are located in close proximity to the famous Orchard Road shopping and entertainment district, such as the popular Four Seasons Singapore and the expansive Shangri-La Hotel.

Celebrate Singapore's colonial charm

A former British Straits Settlement, Singapore retains much of its colonial charm and the picturesque Colonial District is a mainstay of Singaporean tourism. Boasting much of the city's finest colonial architecture – including the famous Cavenagh Bridge and Singapore's oldest extant government building, the Arts House – the Colonial District is also one of the city's most popular places to stay.

Raffles is undoubtedly Singapore's most famous hotel and the celebrated home of the Singapore Sling still exudes a raffish colonial air. This sprawling luxury hotel occupies a prime position in the heart of the Colonial District, though it's far from Singapore's only old-world accommodation. The Carlton Hotel and Rendezvous Hotel are both popular options for visitors eager to experience Singapore's colonial past.

Lay back in the lap of luxury

Singapore's luxury hotels aren't limited to the 19th Century mansions dotted throughout the Colonial District. As one of the powerhouses of the Asian economy, the Lion City possesses its fair share of luxury accommodation, with many of the city's finest hotels boasting impressive water views of this island state.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel remains a popular 5-star favourite for its opulent rooms and commanding views over Marina Bay. Across the bay is the equally lavish Mandarin Oriental, renowned for the stunning panoramas it offers from its equally resplendent rooms. The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Hyatt and InterContinental are also resident in the city, meaning there's no shortage of luxury accommodation available if you're looking to splurge.

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