Want to travel the world and get paid while you do it? Overseas working holidays are the way to go. There are tons of places around the world to explore; check out the scenery, try out your language skills and experience the culture as a local - not as a tourist.

A working holiday is the perfect solution for those wanting to take a gap year or go on an OE. You gain a bit of work experience and earn enough money to fund your holiday. You get to live like a local and maybe even learn to speak a new language, all the while discovering a new place in the world.

What about working overseas in a pub in the UK, or trying your hand as a ski instructor in Canada? Or amazing Asia where you can experience a different country every few months if you want to. You can even save the planet, teach overseas or make a difference while you travel on your working holiday – the world's open to you!

So how can we help?

Flight Centre makes your overseas working holiday a breeze. We'll help you sort out your visa, travel and even hook you up with somewhere to stay.

We can help with ideas on where to go on your working holidays, how to sort out your working holiday visa, and tips if you're looking to volunteer abroad.

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Volunteer Abroad

Want to travel the world and make a difference at the same time? Volunteer abroad to experience some of the most exotic and fascinating places and people. If you want to go on holiday, but want a completely different experience, that takes you out of the box and can make you realise how lucky us Kiwis are, then this is the way to go! Volunteer overseas and you'll be able to make a difference in the world, meet diverse people and appreciate life.
So what could you get involved with?
Volunteer work overseas can see you building the health of communities in Peru, saving the planet with conservation projects in Costa Rica, working on community projects in India, Africa and Equador, and working in community day care looking after children in Brazil. There's stacks of ways you can make a difference to the planet you live on.
Generally, your basic meals and accommodation are covered when you volunteer abroad, but you will be up for additional expenses.
Flight Centre can help you find safe and enjoyable overseas volunteer projects, sort your visas, flights and accommodations, and send you on your own way. Whatever your age or interest, there’s a project to suit you. We've got hundreds of volunteering experiences to choose from that just may change your life.

Teach English Overseas

Are you going on your working holiday to a country unfamiliar with the English language? Why not make your adventure twice as exciting by not only discovering a new culture, but sharing yours too! One of the best ways to earn money overseas is by teaching what you know - English!
Teach English overseas during your holiday so you can live and breathe exotic cultures, meet fascinating people and push your boundaries. Do all this and earn money at the same time. By teaching English overseas you’ll earn enough to live comfortably in the country you choose, sustain a healthy travel itinerary and depending on your lifestyle - save a bit too!
So how can you get into this?
Teaching opportunities are available in all non-English speaking countries around the world, although your main teaching options are in countries throughout Asia, South America and Europe, although the latter usually requires an EU passport. We can help you find work through our free job placement service or you can find work yourself. Approximately 20,000 English teaching jobs are posted online each month, so there are plenty of opportunities out there!
It’s easy to get into teaching English overseas too, as no prior teaching experience is necessary and you don’t even have to speak the local language. All you need is a TEFL qualification to help you get a well paying job and give you confidence in the classroom.
We can offer a range of courses and other options, which are fully supported by placements in countries, such as Japan, where you can live and earn good money for decent lengths of time. If you’d like to find out more about how to teach English overseas, contact us today.

Working Holiday Visa

There's so much to see and experience around the world, and a working holiday is one of the best ways of doing it. Who wouldn't want to see the world and earn while doing it?

But before setting off you'll need to sort out a working holiday visa. Each country may have slightly different requirements, so it pays to get organised early. Fortunately Flight Centre can help you every step of the way - from getting together what you need and sorting all the paperwork, through to getting your visa to you.

Whether you're thinking of a working holiday in Canada, the USA, UK or anywhere else, we can help hook you up with a job, sort your visa to get there, set you up with bank accounts and transfer money over to them, help with getting a CV written and tons more.