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England packs a punch with visitors despite its postage-stamp size

You can find anything you want on 'planet London' but as the locals will tell you, it isn't England. There's so much more beyond the capital to explore. England is one of the 3 constituent countries of Great Britain (plus Wales and Scotland) and many will argue it's the English countryside that makes it 'Great'.

England: ParliamentBig Ben & The Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London

On a trip to the south-west alone you can surf off Newquay, lunch at Torquay, bathe at the Georgian city of Bath. Further east is the mystery-bound Stonehenge and Brighton on a fine day is fine. Another nudge east and history buffs will enjoy learning more about that 'little' skirmish at Hastings. England's north has been the heartland of mighty industry, wild moors and hearty hospitality. Manchester, Newcastle and Leeds wear their heritage proudly. Of course the world has Liverpool to thank for the Beatles too. Wherever your holiday in England takes you, bring your sturdy shoes and be ready for a cup of tea or ten.

England: VillageA Quaint English Village