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More than lederhosen, giant beer steins and pretzels

This country is so much more than its 20th-century history – it's bewitching. Contemporary Germany is a financial powerhouse of innovative people. It has a progressive culture and ridiculously romantic vistas (some with a fairytale castle to boot). There are 37 World Heritage-listed sites across this 16-state republic, including buildings, whole towns and landscapes. Regions still have a strong character and pride.

Germany: Castle HohenzollernCastle Hohenzollern

Berlin is an absorbing capital that shifts and changes with a mindfulness of history and a push to the future. Frankfurt is a highrise host to the world's largest book, consumer goods and musical instrument fairs. Literally millions descend on the beautifully-restored old city of Munich each year for Oktoberfest. Roman-founded Cologne is a beautiful blend of architecture and history. Beyond the hum of these cosmopolitan places, there's much to relish on holiday in Germany. In the south, explore the Alps and the Black Forest. In the west, sample the fruits of wine country labours and admire the Rhine and Moselle Valleys. Head north for the popular North Sea and Baltic Sea holiday spots. This is Germany. You're coming to visit, ja?

Germany: CologneCity of Cologne

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