An ancient Mediterranean land surrounded by dazzling blue oceans

Wander the shores, mountains, olive groves and old metropolises even for a short time and you'll feel like you've found a second home. Greece does that. Everything is vaguely familiar but spiced with the foreign. Then when you realise the extent to which this country has influenced the language, arts, philosophy, politics and sports of western society – it makes sense.

Greece: Seaside CafeSeaside Cafe

Modernity pushes through Athens' 12 hills and its ancient wonders are crowned by the Acropolis – the old 'high city'. Ancient Delphi, the medieval city of Rhodes and the old town of Corfu are among Greece's top cultural heritage monuments. It's another world altogether in the pulsing clubs of Mykonos. Whichever facets of this old land (or sea) your holiday in Greece takes you to, be sure to bring an appetite. In coastal fishing towns, island cafes or city restaurants, you'll be wooed beyond tangy tzatziki and grilled souvlaki, time and again. This is the land of gods and legends, beware their spell.

Greece: Rousanou Monastery MeteoraRousanou Monastery Meteora