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A fascinating country of diverse landscapes and people

There's extraordinary diversity splashed across this archipelago nation. Indonesia comprises more than 17,500 islands straddling the Equator for 5,000 kilometres, between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Its home to more than 240 million varied peoples speaking several hundred languages, making it the world's fourth-most populous country, and one of pure fascination. Equally as interesting, Indonesia also has the second-largest concentration of rainforest in the world after Brazil.

Indonesia: Borobudur TempleBorobudur Temple

The Portuguese, British and to a much greater extent, the Dutch, have all left their mark here, and it's thanks to the period of British occupation that Indonesians still drive on the left. This is a country which rewards the patient and flexible traveller. What can you find here? A holiday in Indonesia can give you deserted and dragon-inhabited islands (on Komodo Island, at least), white and black sand beaches fringing quiet coves and big surf breaks, jungled hinterlands to explore, spiritual enclaves, and the giant of a capital you need to know a little before you love it – Jakarta.

Indonesia: CoastlineIndonesian Coastline

Of all of its features though, Bali is Indonesia's top hot spot where you can backpack or luxuriate depending on your budget. This is where most people first fall under Indonesia's spell. Let it bring you back again – there's so much more to see.