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Untouched beaches and unbeatable bargain luxury shopping

Manila is the ever-growing capital – it mixes the histories and idiosyncrasies of all the once-towns that now form its districts. Here you'll find the world's oldest Chinatown in Binodo and stunning architectural remnants of Old Manila at Intramuros. Find the top hotel and dining picks in the city in the Makati district. Beyond this metropolis, many on holiday in the Philippines flock to Boracay, the sun, sand and party island of the region with dive spot galore.

Philippines: ManilaCapital City of Manila

Adrenalin junkies can have their fill of action and watersports throughout the Philippines and on holiday here you can get as remote or as pampered as you wish. January–February are the coolest and driest months. Budgets big and small go a long way here but the grins cannot be purchased.

Philippines: Willy's RockWilly's Rock