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Taiwan Holidays

Visit the home of bubble tea

Northern Taiwan is the cultural and technological hub where you'll find a transformed and comfortable Taipei. Must-see sights include the sky-high Taipei 101, the National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall and a resplendent collection of Chinese historical artefacts at the National Palace Museum. Central and Eastern Taiwan are picturesque regions decorated with peaks and rivers, while the southwest is flanked by beaches and palms leading to Tainan, the imperial capital. Penghu, a collection off islands in the west, is mecca for windsurfers, earning the nickname 'Hawaii of Taiwan'.

Taiwan: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial HallChiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Want to get even further off the beaten track on your Taiwan holiday? The island of Lanyu is home to the Yami people – a distinct cultural group with their own language and customs. It is rainforested, beach-rimmed, held sacred by all who live there and guaranteed to broaden your cultural horizons.

Taiwan: Taipei 101Taipei 101