One of the most beautiful stretches of beach found anywhere, 75 Mile Beach forms the eastern shore of pristine Fraser Island. This magnificent beach is lined by the blue waters of the Coral Sea on one side, and a lush natural habitat on the other. With fresh water creeks and excellent camping and trekking sights there are many activities to enjoy.

While not the best beach for swimming due to shark activity and the strong currents, it’s still fun to get your feet wet and enjoy the sunshine or to explore the bushland beyond with its freshwater creeks that flow down to the sea. Another interesting site is the wreck of the Ocean Liner Maheno which was beached here in 1935. Now mostly disintegrated, its form can still be seen making for interesting photos.

The beach is used as a roadway of sorts too with 4WD vehicles making their way up and down the coast line. Whether on an organised tour or a self-guided one, driving the beach is an excellent way to see everything. The beach is even used as a runway! For a breathtaking birds-eye view consider taking a quick sightseeing tour by plane, departing right from the beach!

There are many tours that can be booked from the various resorts and accommodation sites on the island. If a self-guided journey is more to your liking there are 4WD rentals available. Maps are provided and signage is posted along the trails. Use care when driving due to the unique terrain.