Located in the Great Sandy National Park, in the middle of Fraser Island, this stunning lake makes for a lasting impression. As a perched lake (situated above the area’s water table and not fed by streams) the crystal clear waters were formed like a spring, creating an incredibly fresh lake – waters so fresh in fact that it is unable to support much in the way of aquatic life.

With such pristine water, this lake is perfect for a swim! This wonder lake of sorts also has a lovely beach area with sands of soft, pure white silica. Driving in on the dry, dusty trail the lake is somewhat of an oasis. Simply take a walk down the path leading to the beach and as the bush clears and the blue waters come into view, visitors are hit by the lakes natural brilliance.

Upon arriving at the lake visitors are first met by a lovely picnic area with camping, barbecue and toilet facilities. As long as visitors have their own provisions, the day can be spent enjoying this gorgeous lake and inviting area. Many tours stop here too, offering visitors at least a short time to enjoy the beach and go for a swim.

Guided tours to the lake are available or 4WD rentals may be organised for those travelling on their own. Island maps are readily available and directional signs are posted along the trails.