A Fraser Island landmark for decades, the wreck of the SS Maheno is a must-see stop on your visit to Fraser Island. This old wreck set against the crystal blue waters of the Coral Sea makes for a great photographic opportunity.

The Maheno was built in Scotland and launched in 1905. During her life as an ocean liner she regularly plied the waters of the Tasman Sea, even making regular Trans-Pacific journeys. Used as a hospital ship in Europe during WWI, it returned to Australia after the war for passenger use until its grounding on the beaches of Fraser Island in 1935.

Most of the ship has now disintegrated and the once proud ocean liner is just a skeleton of her former self. Even so, the rusted remnants of the vessel can still be seen creating an excellent photo backdrop on beautiful 75 Mile Beach on the eastern side of Fraser Island.

Most island tours stop at this popular site so be sure to have your camera. The wreck is situated at about the midway mark on 75 Mile Beach.