Boston’s Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile walk that covers historic landmarks in the city.  This easily recognisable trail is marked by a red brick line built within public foot paths and road ways.  Taking visitors on a trail of exploration and discovery, this wonderful path winds through the city and includes many of America’s greatest historic landmarks.   

Sites and attractions along the trail are from colonial times and the period around the time of the American Revolution.  Beginning along Tremont Street in Boston Common, this well thought out trail leads to the Massachusetts State House (the state capitol building since 1798) and continues to the Old State House where the Boston Massacre took place.  This was also the site of many pre-revolution patriot meetings where the earliest plans for the revolution were formed. 

Other sites of notable interest include the Paul Revere House, the home of famous patriot Paul Revere who risked his life when setting out on his midnight ride to warn the American militia of the approaching British armies.  Revere was signalled from Old North Church when two lanterns were placed in its steeple, signifying that the British were approaching by sea.  The church is also along the trail and nearby stands a famous Revere on horseback statue.  Across the river, Freedom Trail sites include the USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship and finishes at the Bunker Hill Monument, a tribute to those who fought in the first major battle of the American Revolution. 

Freedom Trail begins at Boston Common along Tremont Street and continues up Park Street to the Massachusetts State House.  The closest T station is Park Street Station at the corner of Tremont and Park.